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Conligo eCommerce Connect

Conligo eCommerce Connect (formerly known as Iciniti Order Reader) seamlessly integrates with your ecommerce solution to read and import orders into your Sage 300 or ERP system, eliminating manual order reentry. 

We are prepared to support all major commercial ecommerce solutions, including:

Seamless data flow from your ecommerce solution to your ERP

eCommerce Connect provides an easy way to read orders from any ecommerce system into your Sage 300 or ERP platform. Your staff will be able to view, transact, and instantly process orders for customers without having to reenter information into the ERP, thus avoiding costly mistakes!



Conligo eCommerce Connect eliminates the need for double data entry and provides seamless integration between your Sage 300 or ERP with your online ecommerce platform. Save time and money by letting eCommerce Connect do the work for you!


Conligo eCommerce Connect is easy to set up. Use our API to pass data between you ecommerce solution and you Sage 300 or other ERP platform.


Conligo eCommerce Connect supports not only ecommerce applications, but also custom solutions, including spreadsheets and CSV files that have information that needs to be integrated into your Sage 300 or ERP.


  • Support all major ecommerce platforms for seamless integration of data with your ERP.
  • Eliminate manual reentry of customer information and order details into your ERP.
  • Integrate into the entire Conligo family of products for seamless management.
  • Access analytical data and information on your customers' transactions and services.

Some of the Ecommerce Platforms We're Prepared to Support

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