ERP Integration Integrated Payments

You don’t have to switch gateways to integrate Sage 300 payments

Integrating payments in Sage can be a major hassle. 

First, there’s the fact that most payment integrators will force you to work with their preferred gateway. That means you’ll need to switch away from your existing gateway. It also means risking the credit card data you have stored with that gateway and needing to recollect it. Sure, your current gateway might provide you with this data when you integrate payments in Sage. But they aren’t legally required to do this. 

Even if they’re nice about it, you’ll increase your PCI exposure by handling sensitive credit card data during the switch. 

And even if you get your existing credit card data migrated to an integrated gateway, you might pay much higher transaction fees. That’s because the landscape of integrated payments is far more specialized than the world of generic payment gateways. 

In the end, what you end up with is a costly, risky, and time-consuming switch to a new payment gateway and higher transaction fees.

But what if there was a way to gain all the benefits of integrating payments in Sage without needing to switch gateways?

The Solution

This is one of the many benefits of using Conligo Pay to integrate payments in Sage. Our solution will integrate your existing gateway with Sage 300 and charge rates that are specific to the integration portion. 

Because it’s a cloud-based solution, Conligo Pay will also ensure that you are always automatically upgraded to the most recent version of the software. Our upgrades are also reverse compatible with over a decade’s worth of prior versions of Sage 300. That means you can rest assured that your payment integration is always current.  

To learn more about the many benefits of a flexible payment integration solution, visit our product page for Conligo Pay. If you have any other inquiries, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our Director of Sales & Marketing, Phil Glennie at